16 bit Autocad R14 and Plot Pack Remembered

Does anyone still use Plot Pack. I am an Architect in the NW still using Autocad R14 anyone else? Back in the 90’s I purchased all the LISP routines and add-on soft ware from Robert McNeel and wonder if anyone is willing to share. Just spoke to John Brock@ Robert McNee, my former instructor and he suggested ask here. Thanks in advance Thom

@Thom_Walker Here you are.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to test this.

plotpack3.0.21.zip (221.5 KB)


  • Bob

Thanks Bob, this is very thoughtful of you.

I have a 16 bit to 32 bit converter from Longbow Software. It worked on my
R 14 so it just may work for this as well.



Hi again
I just send you download links for IconTool Pro and AEC.
Good luck