ZoomExtents zooming out

In the attached file, running ZE (Alias for '_Zoom _Extents) repeatedly will zoom out of the scene more and more for each time the command is run.

I’ve seen this before but wasn’t able to reproduce. When I exit Rhino and then open this file again, it shows the buggy behavior again so I hope this is repeatable on other systems as well…
2017-09-15 RhinoCycles - ClippingPlane.3dm (366.4 KB)

I see that too. Reported as RH-41393.


P.S. For those who read this report: the RhinoCycles in the file name has nothing to do with the bug…

RH-41393 is fixed in the latest WIP

I get some issue with the zoom function when it’s used with a Wacom tablet (intuos)… at the time where you go out of the zoom probe there is no way to re-zoom on the selected object anymore even with the dedicated zoom command, the only solution is to close the viewport and reopen a new one… with my mouse that doesn’t behave like that, very odd…
my build is Rhino 6 SR2 2018-2-23 thx :thinking: