ZoomBoundingBox() on detail while redraw disabled not working

I am creating layouts with a few of detail views on each. Each detail is set by using ZoomBoundingBox(). Everything is fine why redrawing is on. Problem starts with disabled redraw (rs.EnableRedraw(False)). detail.Viewport.ZoomBoundingBox(box) function has no effect if redrawing is disabled. The thing that is a bit helpful is typing detail.CommitViewportChanges() just after ZoomBoundingBox function, but then the zoom value is innacurate (zoom is bigger than should be). Is it known bug and ZoomBoundingBox() can be used only with enabled redraw or there is a way to make it work? Redrawing all the time takes too much time.
Another thing is that ZoomBoundingBox(box) is not working if detail is not the active detail (not set with SetActiveDetail() function). Is it normal?


i had a similar issue not too long ago. Since i also had redraw disabled i selected the object and used ZoomExtentsSelected instead of ZoomBoundingBox. There is an open bug report which seems to be related.