Zoom Window / Target & Anti-Aliasing


I am still a new user and still trying to learn my way around Rhino For Mac, so not sure if my questions are a result of not knowing the software or the limitations of the Beta version.

Unfortunately the command: -viewcapturetofile is not available, so the only other way I can think of to capture a high resolution version of a current viewport, which happens to be shaded is to:

zoom in -> capture to clipboard -> paste in photoshop then repeat the process. Then when I have enough sections, I arrange and combine into a whole… which is quite arduous.

–To speed up the process I have tried to use the “zoom window / target tool” then capture to clipboard etc. However, when I try to use the zoom window tool I get the following message:

This command works on OS X Mavericks only when OpenGL anti-aliasing is set to None. Change anti-aliasing to None and restart Rhino to enable this command.

My question:
Is not being able to use the “zoom window / target tool” while having anti-aliasing ON because Rhino For Mac is in beta, or is this not available on the windows version either?

Thanks for any help AND for reading my long winded question :smile:


I have the same problem (having to set anti-aliasing to “none”) on an older MacBook Pro (about 4 years old)…


Hi Philip, do you think having to set anti aliasing to none is a result of running an older mb pro?


That’s what I thought yes. I’m not sure…


hmmm, I also have an older MBPro but running an i7 with 8 gigs of RAM + SSD, so should be fast enough.

Though can’t imagine why one can’t zoom window / target with Anti-Aliasing ON, but still be able to “zoom dynamic” with Anti-Aliasing ON.

Hopefully someone with a newer MB Pro will chime in.

Thanks again!