'_Zoom viewport rotation axis set in wrong place when zoomed in

When using the '_Zoom tool, unlike the previous version, if you enlarge the desired part of the object in version 7, the viewport rotation axis is set in the empty space behind the object. So, if you rotate the screen, the magnified object goes very far in the viewport, so to see another part of the object, you have to drag it for a long time with shift + left click again, which is very inconvenient.
Do I need to set a separate setting to get the rotation axis to fit snugly like the previous version?

I have attached a video recording the difference between using [’_Zoom] in version 7 and previous versions.

Hello - This is true… I do not see a difference as great as you show in your example, but yes, the target is indeed set differently. For now, Zoom > Target is a good way to zoom and set the target at the same time.


The function of the tool is to expand based on the object, so it should work like the previous version, but can you fix it?

Did you also check the operation scene of version 5 at the end of the video?