Zoom slowing to a crawl

I have the mac version of rhino and am using a 3dconnexion 3d mouse to navigate. it works brilliantly except if you get too close to the model it starts to slow down to the point where it unusable and can even ‘lock’ you can remedy this by selecting your object of interest and using the ‘zs’ command but after a short while it resorts back to its original tedium. ive heard that you can use a different zoom mode ‘zoom target’ i believe but this doesn’t work with my mouse. what i want to be able to di essentially is disable this feature or assign a new zoom process to my mouse(which is essentially the right click and command/(control on PC i think) combination. is anyone able to understand what i’m on about and even better…provide a solution? Thanks!

Use weather SpaceMouse Pro, the problem you describe can only make it more “bearable” in some ways. Personally I have assigned to the 3D mouse button F to zoom destination that I use when I get the situation you describe. Until you have not created a specific plugin for Rhino Mac, Fine, we’ re just going to have to make do