Zoom Selected Setup question

I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to set a single button i can press to zoom onto whatever I have selected?
I know i can select, then tap Z and right click to run the zoom command but, this makes me drag a box or press S… I’d love it if there was a “one touch” solution so i can jump around large models faster
Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious :slight_smile:

Hello - this button on the standard top-of-the-screen toolbar:


Haaaaaa . yes sorry I should have been more specific. I’m aware of the zoom selected button on the toolbar. What i’m after is hot key behavior… So i can zoom into whatever I have selected without further mouse movements or button presses.
Currently I have to move the mouse, select the object, tap Z, right click, tap S, right click.
I want to be able to select the object, tap Z (or some other button i can reach with my left hand)
In cinema4d for example, tapping the “o” key will automatically zoom onto whatever you have selected.
It makes navigation quicker and more simple.

(I realise this might sound like a silly thing to worry about but, I sometimes spend 8+ hours a day in rhino… Its a speed/efficiency thing)

Hello - type ZS and Enter (or spacebar) . You can also put the macro on an F key - see Options > Aliases and Options > Keyboard as well as


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Yes! zs is perfect :slight_smile: thank you. Sorry it was so obvious :rofl: