Zoom selected partially broken

zoom selected often just doesn’t do the job right:

it zooms in on the right objects but the target center is not correctly aligned, so that the first r-click rotation orbits into outer space. disturbing!



Could you attach an example file that shows the problem?


Hi David,

can’t right now sorry, but I had it happening in different files, quite often.

try, eg. to zoom selected on control points, that gave me errors more often.

the thing is it seems to be dependent on certain other elements/settings;

right now the geometry which did not zom correctly before zooms ok now.

i will try to export some geometry next time i notice it.

@DavidEranen, i’ve seen something similar using _Zoom _Extends on the model @Holo posted here. It happens too using _SelAll then _Zoom _Selected. Seems to be a SubD object causing it in the file, but i cannot see that object even when it is selected, just the gumball shows…


Clement, somehow this feels unrelated to ZoomExtents. There’s an object there which either should not exist or should be visible.

It’s already been reported here: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-36406