Zoom select not working for clipping planes

I still see this problem, I pointed it out a while back. Could be nice to have it fixed for R7, thank you!

Hi -
Zoom selected doesn’t zoom on selected clipping planes in views that are clipped by them. It zooms to the clipping plane when the view is not being clipped. From what I read, this is intentional behavior - RH-52037.

Why is this intentional? If my intention is not to zoom select on a clipping plane that clips the view, I will simply not do it :slight_smile: Why should I be constrained by the software?

I bumped into it exactly yesterday. My solution was to draw rectangle that cover the clipped area, zoom selected (rectangle) and the erased it.

Yes, I was also trying to explode the clipping plane to get a rectangle out of it.

Your clipping plane rectangle can by any size. Just draw curve and then delete it.

yes, yes :slight_smile:i was trying to make it without drawing it. have you noticed that sometimes when the clipping plane is on the snapping doesn’t work on it? so it’s actually annoying to draw a curve on top.

It’s been discussed here before about ability to snap to the ends or edges as a result of clipping planes but it never happend. Would be good to ask again.
To solve it I am using clipping plane as a drawing plane and I zoom closely for maximum precision.

Yes, the clipping plane is a little bit behind. I see lots of potential.
For example, if the ends and edges of the clipping plane would be generated automatically, not only it will solve the problem of snapping but it would work also very nice for printing.

For example:
Having a custom line weight and style for them and for the resulting fill surfaces (as vector hatches) .
Fill surfaces also decrease the speed of display.

With those 2 things solved Rhino would surpass the capabilities of Revit in terms of representation of floorplans and sections.

Why is this intended behavior i still don’t get…

Hi -

The reason for that is described in the YT item that I linked to 2 years ago…
…and, IYAM, that point was illustrated by the rest of the conversation in this thread.

Having said that, I’ve added RH-69046 as something that can be improved at some point.

Thank you!

@wim @stevebaer

I think this should be given another thought. Yes clipping planes don’t have a size since they are infinite, but points don’t have a size either and yet Zoom Selected works on them (thanks god, it would be a nightmare if it didn’t).

From a workflow point of view, when you actually use clipping planes in real-world scenarios, you create one anywhere, then you translate its origin where it’s convenient in order to rotate it with gumball. So generally you put the origin of the plane right where you need this see-through. Once you’re done transforming the clipping plane, you almost always want to focus on this point with the camera.

In my opinion the whole discussion about the rectangle representation of clipping planes not being a good reference for Zoom Selected is on the wrong track anyway, Zoom Selected should work on the plane’s origin, like Zoom Selected on points which works wonderfully.

Please guys, it would be so useful, and in bonus people would stop pestering you with this issue :grin: