Zoom Nudge [solved]

For mouse scroll zoom in/out, is there way to make the zooming in lesser steps? Zoom nudge sort of?

Panning is ok, but for zooming I haven’t found setting to change on the fly.

How about this one:

For most cases, default setting is ok for zooming.
I’d just like to be able to zoom slightly when captureing viewport to file,
or when snapping to a point, but normal zoom goes in too far in and passes the point.

Are you zooming with mouse wheel or Ctrl+RMB ? Ctrl+RMB seems to be more precise…

Thanks @Jarek. Totally forgot about using RMB… Just so used to scroll wheel for zooming.
Setting to solved.

Great. Also, if you want the camera to stay in place, Ctrl+Shift+RMB zooms using the lens, not moving the camera. May be handy in some situations.

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One other tidbit, if you use Alt + RMB (or Alt + Middle Mouse Wheel), it will move the camera and the target, so you don’t go smashing into the target and the zoom slows down.


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