Zoo WIP Now Available

A 3-Apr-2017 build of the Zoo is now available as a release candidate.

New in Zoo 6.0 3-Apr-2017:

  1. Support for Rhino WIP license keys is now included.
  2. New feature, License Clusters. To help users and customers comply with McNeel license agreements, the Zoo now groups upgrade licenses into one cluster. For example, if you install a Flamingo nXt license key, and a Flamingo nXt 5 license key, they are now correctly considered one license. Only one or the other will be handed out at once.

Please report any problems on this forum.

Download Now…

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Hi Brian,

Thank for the new posting. Just few things double checking with you.

  1. Does this release work with Lab Licenses in Zoo 5?
  2. Would it be possible that I can just install this version right over my old Zoo 5 with my existing licenses?

Thanks again.


Yes to both!