Zoo plugin needed for plugin license

Hi there,

I was looking at http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/zoo and asked myself if I need to make a Zoo plugin before I can sign my plugin. Or is that not needed?

With this license is it also possible to make it a “trial” version for say… 30 days after installation?

Also is it possible to make a license witouth using the Zoo for validating?


Hi Jordy,

If you want to use the Zoo licensing system, both your Zoo plug-in and your Rhino plug-in that uses the Zoo will need to be signed with an Authenticode certificate issued by McNeel Plugin Security.

Keep in mind that the Zoo is strictly a distribution system. You still need to provide the licensing mechanism (e.g. license generation, encryption, validation, etc.). If you want to provide a 30-day trial for your plug-in, then you will need to develop a mechanism to deliver that. This isn’t something the Zoo is going to provide.

The Zoo does not validate licenses. It distributes them. You are responsible for validating your own licenses.

So to be clear. There is a Zoo plugin needed before it is possible to add a plugin license?
What does the plugin for the Zoo need to be able to do?

I got my own keys here. Does it need to follow some rules to be able too add them?

From Creating Plug-ins for Zoo:

When a customer attempts to add a product license to the Zoo, the product’s plug-in is called to validate the user’s request. Upon valuation, the plug-in will return the product’s licensing information back to the Zoo. The Zoo will, in turn, serialize, maintain, and distribute this license.

Does this help?