Zoo licence disappears

Periodically, my main PC (running Zoo) seems to lose the licence for Rhino5. It’s a full licence, I’m the only user - and it’s not that it’s unavailable, Zoo lists no products at all.

My best guess so far as to when this happens is if the PC goes to hibernate while Rhino is running. I can’t consistently reproduce it, but it has happened a lot over the past couple of months and it’s aggravating putting the licence in again and again.

System is running Win8.1 64 bit, Zoo is version 5.6.30918.7015, Rhino version 5.10.41201.11145

Is there any reason why you are running the zoo?
Have you tried changing your PC settings so that it doesn’t go into hibernation?

Yes; I use Rhino on a laptop from time to time too.

The issue with hibernation is not so much the hibernation, more when it fails to restart cleanly and reboots instead.

You can install Rhino on all of your machines and use the same key. You are just not allowed to use more of those machines at the same time.

The zoo is designed to run on a server in a multi-user environment. It shouldn’t go to sleep and have to wake up.

There is a newer version of the Zoo available - you might want to upgrade to it.


Got it, thanks - and the change log has an item that may be the problem I’m seeing. Automatic updates everywhere have made me lazy :slight_smile:
That said, if running (not simultaneously) the same key on multiple systems is acceptable, that’s probably a less fraught solution.

Yes, it is. Here is a link to the license agreement:

Also see this link for a recent discussion on the topic: