Zoo crashes with RhinoNest plugin

I’m trying to add a RhinoNest 3.0 license to the Zoo Server but Zoo server keeps crashing. Originally I was running Zoo version 6.0.17278.3541 but since it crashed when trying to add a RhinoNest license I upgraded to Zoo v.6.2.18046.13391. However the problem is the same. There’s no crashing when trying to add default Zoo products.

I’ve contacted TDM Solutions who make RhinoNest and asked their support for advice. They’ve asked me to try to install an older version of Zoo (zoo_6.0.15149.9391). I haven’t downgraded Zoo before and would like to know how this is done and if it’s a good idea in the first place.

Hi @it11,

To downgrade a Zoo, just uninstall the ‘new’ one and install the ‘old’ one. Uninstalling the Zoo does not touch existing licenses.

– Dale

Thanks, that worked :slight_smile: