Zoo 6 WIP for Rhino WIP

Hi All,

There’s now a version of the Zoo that supports Rhino for Mac and Rhino WIP licenses. There are still a few installer issues to work out, but this should be a good starting point for testing.

To download, visit http://www.rhino3d.com/download/zoo/6/wip/rc

Was Rhino WIP 6.0 support removed at some point between the Feb 2015 post and the May 2015 release of Zoo 6?

The link leads to
As installed, Help, About Zoo, Version 6.0.15149.9391, 5/29/2015

The Add Licence dialog, Product Type dropdown
does not list Rhino 6 WIP,

Rhinoceros 6 is listed, but the form

Rhinoceros 6

of course will rejects our RH6B WIP keys.

Yes, and we’ve gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess where it’s not possible to put it back really easily. However, we’re getting really close to having a new WIP version of Zoo 6 out that will support Rhino WIP for Windows license keys. I hope to have something out next week.


If you copy the RH6B license from the second set of the numbers and paste it behind RH60, you can actually add the RH6B license into this version of the Zoo 6.

Thanks Kelvin,

I can confirm pasting in the last 20 character sequence right of the existing RH60- string works.

Note for anyone else, if you paste the full RH6B string,
the Zoo Dialog box will automatically replace the first 4 chars with RH60,
But this is only a cosmetic change.
You’ll still get a
Licence not valid. (800)
error dialog box.

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