Zoo 6 Limit license check out

I’ve changed limit license check out to 60 days on Zoo 6 but client would still get it for default 30 days. Anyone having the same problem?

Edu lab licenses can not be checked out for more than 30 days.

Would of being nice to know, couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere… and it worked for me on Zoo 5 before upgrade.
Thank you.

Yes. This was a change we made between Zoo 5 and Zoo 6.
I’m sure it was done as a result of requests from users and EDU IT administrators.
The other change is Zoo 6 will not accept single user EDU licenses at all. Since they are sold to, and for the exclusive use of an individual student or faculty member, floating them in a Zoo server defeats the spirit of the license agreement.

I don’t know why these feature changes are not listed. I’ll check on that.