Zoo 6: Lab Licences sharing across Mac and Windows

Hello Zoo experts,

Just to confirm my understanding is correct.
Can a ZOO 6 install on a windows based client manage Licences across Rhino installed on both Windows and MAC simultaneously.
In other words, one lab licence 30 users using both Mac and Windows based Rhino. And total user not exceeding 30 users simultaneously.

Thanks in advance.
Jean P.

Unfortunately this will not work the way you want as far as I know.

Mac Rhino and Windows Rhino require separate licenses.

So you would need one Windows Rhino lab license AND one Mac Rhino lab license installed in your Zoo6.
(@brian or @dale correct me if I’m wrong…)

Yes, this is correct. Rhino for Mac and Rhino for Windows are different product and, thus, require different licenses.

Does this help?

Thanks Dale. The answer is clear.
Now, 2things:

  1. Can the same ZOO licence server manage both lab licences (Mac and Rhino) ?
  2. I do have a follow-up point to make to try to understand better the rational. However, the place is perhaps best in the reseller discussion. Can you pls copy this post there as well, pls ? Or should I start a new thread there ?


Please make a new thread - thanks.

1 - Yes, Zoo 6: http://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/home

2 - Mac Rhino lacks a lot of useful tools compared to Windows Rhino. We decided the best approach is to not offer cross platform upgrades or bundled licenses. Instead, we decided to keep them separate and offer the less functional application and a reduced price.

The goal of the Mac Rhino project was never to lure Windows users to OSX. Instead, it was and remains intended to attract new users to Rhino that would never consider a Windows tool.