Zoning on terrain

Is it possible to apply zoning directly onto terrain using curves?
Working on 3D terrain that is being divided, being able to apply these divisions to the 2D view and have the same type of function as the zoning would be great ie the actual surface area on a 3d zones area would be different (and more accurate) than the 2D overhead.



On the terrain you can not use the zooning tool but you can divide the terrain and add texture (you can find the division properties at the Lands design panel). Still you can not list the divisions.

Does this solution enable me to calculate area sizes in the same way?
For example, the solution you show above, I would like to be able to show the area of these divided areas in a table (or at least be able to extract this information).

Does terrain divide automatically update if the base curve used to create the division is adjusted?

Also, in the zoning preferences when setting texture and hatching etc, the hatching type selection is uneditable?
I presume this should be a drop down menu to choose a hatching pattern?

Still working on that, you can modify the curve using the control points but you can not list the operations or show a list with the areas.
You can modify the terrain curve created from the orginal curve (in black) but not this one, once you got the terrain the original curve can be remove it.

the other hand,

you can change the hatch clicking in the white area. We need to improve that since we know it is not very intuitive