Zoning list area doubles when area has internal zones



Hi there,
Bit of a puzzle.

Simple example on a 10m x 10m space.
Split the area in half using zoning and as expected in the zoning list it shows 50sqm of each area.
Image 1

If I add a third area inside one of these halves, for some reason it doubles the area size in the zoning list for the outer area???
The grey areas at the top of the second image show the area measurements using Rhino (not lands)
Image 2

As you can see, the total area when adding up the totals in the zoning list comes to more than the total size of the area.


Hi @albert is this something that you are able to recreate, or am I doing something wrong here?
I am using Rhino v6, but the issue also occurs in v5.


Hi! I’ll take a look. If there are no duplicate objects, it may be a bug.
It would be great if you share the 3dm


Hi Albert,
Two Rhino files attached along with screenshots.
The first shows a 100sqm area split in half. The zoning correctly reads 50sqm for each half.

The second file, I deleted the zones and then added the circular area and re-zoned the spaces.
It seems that the complete rectangle on the left is correct, as is the complete circle, but the right hand rectangle with the circle within it is reading double the actual area (shown as surfaces above to show actual area).

Broken Zoning.3dm (365.9 KB)
Working Zoning.3dm (295.7 KB)


Thank you. Yes, it’s a bug, I’ve reproduced it.
We’ll fix it for the next version.