Zonify bump mapping or using nXt materials

Is it possible to use Flamingo materials instead of basic JPEG files for zonify areas?
We have a library of ground materials with bump maps and scaling which would be much nicer to use instead of a basic jpeg image.

Yes, you just need to apply the material to the Zone as you would do with any other Rhino object.
The Material tab options are just a simple way, quick and auto, to have all Lands objects textured.

What about using nXt materials on divided terrain?
It seems possible to apply an nXt material to an entire Terrain entity but I cannot apply nXt materials to terrain subdivisions (only jpegs). Is this currently only possible on Zonify?

Yes, we need to find a solution. Right now the only way to assign a material to a Terrain division is exploding the Terrain object, but then it will no longer be possible to edit it.
You can also “Edit in place” the Terrain’s block, but you lose the changes each time the Terrain is reevaluated, so this is not a solution at all.

In the latest version you should be able to do it. The Material tab shows two options:

  1. select a texture file and some other parameters like width, transparency… An implicit material is used but you can not change it.
  2. select an existing material from a combo box. Here you should find VRay materials