Zome (?) Question

Hello people! I’m trying to re-create the Yazdi Bandi but I’m having some trouble with the the creation of the surface. I first tried doing the surface and then project a grid, didn’t work (very home-made solution). OK, I opened GH and created the pointed archs and did the loft. Sadly, it turned into an open brep, so when applying a diagrid with LunchBox, some parts have more points, so it’s not a constant number of division. My last solution and the one I’m having trouble with, is creating the grid myself. For this I tried dividing the curves, but the points are messy, so the connection it’s also messy. If you could please give me some ideas how could I proceed with this fun experiment


Zome.3dm (1.1 MB)
Zome.gh (26.5 KB)

Zome V0.gh (33.0 KB)
Need to install plugins.