Zlib update in opennurbs

Hi experts,
We found that zlib in opennurbs is with low version 1.2.3, do you have any plan to update it to 1.2.13 to fix a security issue (CVE-2022-37434)?
Although this issue was found in 1.2.12 (not in 1.2.3), but updating zlib seems also necessary for the future maintenance.

Thank you!

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I asked about this four years ago and was told, “We have no plans to change the version of zlib openNURBS uses”:

Though it looks like an issue for upgrading ZLIB was created two years ago so maybe there is some progress:

Hi @darbyjohnston,

No work has been done on this - the issue is still slated for “future”.

– Dale

Thank you for your information!