Zero offset fails for simple circle

hmm. I hesitate to add yet another discussion of an offset curve problem, but this one crashes with a zero offset on a simple circle. works on other curve shapes. I would expect behavior to be to simply ignore the zero offset (10.8 KB)

Weird! The zero offset is extremely slow too (18.5 secs.!?) while positive and negative values give instant results. (8.6 KB)

P.S. But only with circles? A different closed curve works much more quickly, though 0 offset still slows it down (1.7 secs.). (9.3 KB)

That’s an incredibly small number… actual 0 gives no problem.

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hmm. numbers generated from a straightforward series command

Good eye! Weird that circles are treated differently. I added a ‘round(x,3)’ expression and all is well.

The start and increment values don’t guarantee “true zero”. Add the ‘round(x,3)’ expression to the Offset ‘D’ input. (8.8 KB)

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I’m pretty sure series component is doing only what you asked it to do… check, you’ll see its inputs have already not-simple numbers.
Do as Joseph just said ^

Good eye Richard, thank you joseph. but just for a head scratcher, here is the series command, there is nothing there to cause an issue
series (3.7 KB)

Yes, there is. See above:

thanks guys, got a flat spot on my head beating it against the wall on this one.

You are right.

This is a Round-off error - Wikipedia .
Any number is written in binary, base-2 numbering … but displayed as decimal, base-10.
Decimal 0.3 is 0.01001100110011001101 in binary, that have a periodic part, so it has lost some precision already.

Decimal 0.044 probably have a similar problem, leading in that almost-zero number.

Hello floating point, my old friend. Come to cuss at you again. You would think I’d have learned to check that by now.