Zebra analysis is off in WIP, but correct in V6. Me, or WIP?

I was following along in the Simply Rhino engine cover tutorial but doing it in WIP7. Where it shows the Zebra analysis I got the staggered lines. I Assumed I built the surface wrong, but exported and opened in RH6. It displayed correctly.

Simply Rhino image.

Rh6 image

WIP7 image

hood_test.3dm (109.4 KB)

Your file looks okay on Rhino for Windows WIP (7.0.20084.11445, 3/24/2020).

The mesh Zebra is using is very coarse. In particular the Maximum angle or 20 degrees is much larger than what I would use. When a shaded or rendered display is unexpectedly jagged check for too coarse a mech… The current settings I see are:

What setting did you use?

Got it now. Went from 20 to .025. I guess it was way to large.

.025 is probably much smaller than needed. I typically use a maximum angle setting between 1 and 0.1

It is interesting that you saw different results with the WIP. My guess, and only a guess, is there is some display setting which is different in your installation of the WIP. But I don’t know enough about display settings to guess what might be different.