Z is not exactly 0

For some apllications I need my points, lines, arcs and curves to be in exactly Z=0. (Z=1.12345 10e15 won’t do.) Up to now I am using all the tricks I know to achieve this, like project, pull and the export options. However, before sending the file to my customer I want to be sure that all items in the file have Z=0.
Can anyone think of a lisp or macro to check this?
That would be very much appreciated!

Two alternatives which might work if you have not already tried them:

Alternative 1:

Select the desired objects
Set Z box checked (Set X and Set Y boxes not checked)
Align to World selected

Alternative 2:

In top view:

Reset CPlane to World Top
Select World option
Select Top option


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Normally ProjectToCPlane from Top view should work… --Mitch

Don’t know if this script would work any better…

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

objs=rs.GetObjects("Select objects to flatten",1+4,preselect=True)
if objs:

Thanks for your quick answers.
Maybe I have to be more clearly:
In this case I don’t want to correct
I just want to check, and get the “Z= not 0” objects vissible (and selected) or listed or something.

Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes, Z=1.12345 10e-15 IS Zero. --Mitch

Here’s a simple script that checks it for you.

But do a double check to make sure it works perfectly. I just threw it together with out much error testing.
(It uses the bounding box and reacts at least if z=0.00000000001 )

Check if objects are flat on XY.py (505 Bytes)


Here is one more attempt ( Python script )

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

obs = rs.GetObjects( 'Objects ?' )
cnt = 0
for ob in obs:
    rs.EnableObjectGrips( ob, True )
    pts = rs.ObjectGripLocations( ob )
    rs.EnableObjectGrips( ob, False )
    for pt in pts:
        if pt.Z != 0.0:
            rs.SelectObject( ob )
            cnt += 1
print( '%d objects have been selected' % cnt )

HTH, regards

This seems to work excelent !!
Thank you both guess !!

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