Z-axis line color bug

Rhino Options command, followed by Appearance, Colors, Z-axis line DOES NOT set the color of Z-axis line of the contruction plane. The Z-axis line has the same color as the X-axis.

Rhino help file says: Color Options, X/Y/Z-axis line
The color of the construction plane x, y, and z-axes.

Nope, not meaningless…

Your line is pointing to different item than my line. I am talking about construction planes. You are talking about world axes icon.

Is that better?

It is better, but the main issue is whether you confirm the bug. Look at the color of the Z-axis line in the construction planes.

Looks blue to me…

I think we are talking about V5…
I see correct color too, as Mitch…
I’ve changed to yellow and this is the screen capture.

You are talking about Z-axis line in perspective view. This line is perpendicular to the construction plane. I am talking about standard Front view and standard Right view. The Z-axis line is displayed in the construction plane of these views. Its color is wrong. In the standard Right view, both lines (Y and Z) have wrong colors.

Ah ok, now I understand…
The colors you are talking about are referred to cplane.
In the Front and Right view the Cplane is set “vertically” but the axis you see are always X and Y (not X and Z or Y and Z).
The only way to see the Cplane Z is in the perspective.
If you look at the World axes, instead, you’ll see that the axes have the color set in the options and follow your thought.

The construction plane Z-Axis line is NOT displayed in an ortho view to that plane - you are looking down that axis. Thus the display in Front/Right views is exactly as it should be - what you see are the construction plane X and Y, and thus red/green by default.


It was my fault - I misunderstood universal construction planes.