YouTube method altering block instance fails

I followed the youtube block method along with McNeel article.

Created a 1mm sphere, ran block command, chose centre, and named it. Sphere
deleted the block as Mcneel said and created instances .
Selected sphere and 3Dscaled it factor 2 from centre and typed block, selected centre again, selected my block name sphere and it does as it did on youtube vid asking do you wish to replace, I go yes, …

and it says this name already exists, choose another ! and so my 1mm spheres wont become 2mm spheres.

How become it didnt reject the name on youtube ?


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I think you may have missed one step.

If you selected a block instance of the block named “sphere,” you cannot make another block out of it named “sphere.”

What happened in the video that may not have been obvious is the the Ibeam block was first Exploded and then edited. After that the user made a new block from those lines and arcs and named it Ibeam.

In your case, you need to either Explode your sphere block or make a new sphere to use as the new block size.

See video… Notice important step… Explode the sphere block.

Hi Margaret,
Thanks, I did miss that step, tutor didnt say it was vital to it being accepted so I overlooked its significance, quite right, it needs unblocking with a bang !