You Know When You Have Been Drawing Too Long Without a Break When

You Know When You Have Been Drawing Too Long Without a Break When…

…You compare a blueprint to your drawing, and worry that there might not be enough room at the top of
the z direction in Rhino. LOL! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…As you walk down the street, you can imagine the isocurves on everything.

(If anyone dares to add anything, you are certainly welcomed to.)


… I wanna press undo when I made a mess in the kitchen.


You right click and drag to rotate pictures on Instagram to get a better view…


When I download an image of something and then try to rotate it around to see the other side with the right mouse button.


@Helvetosaur :joy: Glad I’m not the only one!

I’m glad I’m not the only one :rofl:

Snapping to End or Mid-points of real objects in my head?


When I right-mouse click to press “Enter” after typing in the first letters of a website with my left hand which get autocompleted by the browser.

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I once was working as a boat skipper on a cruising catamaran that I had designed and overseen the building of down in the Islands. Shortly before the project was finished I had worked late into the night on the boat doing final outfitting. The boat was in the water just outside our boatshop and I didn’t feel like making the drive home so got a blanket and yoga mat out of my truck and slept on the boat. It really felt good to be the first to sleep on the boat and I slept like a baby. I was awoken by the owner/client coming down to get and early start and he asked my if I would like to skipper his boat until he finished up business in the states prior to leaving for his dream voyage to dive the islands of the South Pacific. I told him I would give 2 weeks notice to the boat builders and he said to not bother, he had already taken care of that for me!

I brought my CAD station on board with me when I moved aboard (electric hybrid drive with lots of battery capacity) and spent almost a year knocking around the Caribbean while the owner was faced with delay after delay with closing up shop in the states and us leaving for the Panama Canal. I did a lot of designs on board for cruising and racing catamarans and trimarans and felt like doing so in beautiful tropic anchorages was a real inspiration.

Fellow sailors and cruisers often thought it weird that I could hole up inside the boat all day and not get out to dive, windsurf, or tour the locations that I visited. I had a new friend make me promise to shut down the computer and join him for a nice daysail on his boat and said that his hot girlfriends old college roomate would be joining us. That was tempting enough to accept his offer and he said he would call me on the VHF radio in the morning just before shoving off.

Of course I had my snorkling gear ready in the dingy and was at my computer working on my latest fantasy multihull design in Rhino the next morning and when I heard the hail coming from the two wave radio mounted over the chart table which my monitor and computer had taken over, I snapped out of my compulsive 3d modeling mode and raised my hand to my mouth and pushed the the ‘press to speak’ button (I thought!) and answered his hail but got no further reply other than his repeated hail. We went back and forth several times and I stood to adjust the gain and squelch on the radio with still no contact. I suggested we try a different channel and switched from Ch 16 which is the hailing channel to a working channel and still no luck. I could see his boat with the girls running around on deck taking off sail covers so I switched back to the hailing channel to try one more time.

It was only then that I saw the VHF handset still in its cradle on the radio and realized that I had been speaking into my computer mouse the whole time! 

Still that day was one of the best Rhino interventions ever once I shut down and got away from the computer!


I’ve typed my browser searches in Rhino’s command line more than I care to admit.


…you see misaligned edges and corners in real life all around you and want to move them.


…you keep trying to select that one pesky control point. Is it locked? On which layer? Oh! its time to clean my screen…


That is a great story!

I’m constantly guilty of this one - all I see on car bodies are a control points floating over the panel work.


I see sections, everywhere… and through everything…

…When I feel almost blind because I can no longer process what I see.

… when you type something in google search and press Space - then you wonder why nothing happens …


When youre on road trip and the smash icon keeps coming in mind :grimacing:

When you realise it has been at least five minutes since you last checked out discourse.