Yet another surface issue


I received awesome help here a while ago with some surfaces that I struggled with. Back then, I had the possibility to adjust the surrounding surfaces a little and we found a sweet solution. Now, the surroundings has changed and are fixed (cannot be changed) and same approach doesn’t work anymore.

This is the surface I try to create, and i need Position in top and bottom (of picture) and smooth transitions to the right and left.

Nevertheless, I do not manage to create satisfying quality of the surface. The surface tends to be wobbly and the transition to the right is not always perfect (see below). I’ve played around with sweep, match surface and with support curves. Any other ideas?

190520_surfaces.3dm (1.8 MB)

there are some issues with your input:


The upper surface (the outside corner) is very wonky. The inner corner surface does not match the end of the thin surface. In general, all the surfaces have unnecessarily huge amount of control points that also cause low quality of the newly created geometry.