Yak on mac

I was digging the framework folder in Rhinoceros.app, but couldn’t find the cli for Mac, somehow.

So I ended up compiling one from the .exe.
I put the gist for those who are wondering trying to use yak on Mac for Rhino 6 / Grasshopper.

here it is:

also are there any ways to label the package as Mac / Windows only?

Hey @mnmly, there’s a bash script located at /Applications/Rhinoceros.app/Contents/Resources/bin/yak that executes yak.exe with the version of Mono that’s bundled with Rhino. Personally, I’ve added /Applications/Rhinoceros.app/Contents/Resources/bin to my $PATH.

I wasn’t aware of mkbundle, so thanks for introducing me to it! I think we’ll stick with the bash script because it’s small and light and doesn’t duplicate the dependencies, but I’m certainly curious to use mkbundle for creating a self-contained executable to use in packaging steps in a CI build.

As for specifying compatibility, I’m working on it! See YAK-167.

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I didn’t look into the Resources folder! I will use that one instead :slight_smile:

also I will keep an eye on the ticket too, thank you.

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It was quite well hidden :wink: . I’ve made a note to add this to the docs!