Yak command line install

Is there any way to install the latest prerelease package of a plugin with Yak command line?

I know I can do:

Yak install <PackageName>

to install the latest stable version, or:

Yak install <PackageName> x.x.x

to install a specific version, but how can I install the latest prerelease?
Im looking for something that would look like this:

Yak install <PackageName> -Prerelease


As far as I know this you’d also use for the prerelease. The prerelease will have the -beta or -prerelease or something similar in its version.

Is that correct @will ?

Correct. There’s no special flag to tell it to download the latest version including pre-releases.

You can use yak search <name> --prerelease to show the latest version of a package, including pre-releases.

Ok, thank you for your answer.

I created an installer (.exe) targeting the yak package to be able to always install the latest version for my plugins.
I was thinking about creating an option to get the latest prerelease and use it as some kind of beta channel but never mind.

Have a nice day