Y axis direction

Anybody knows why the y axis of the perp frames is not pointing the direction of the points? Thanks (hope i can explain myself)curva.gh (6.0 KB)


I believe that’s because when you just normally deconstruct the planes (from points), it’s referenced to the universal y axis that is why when you do a test using the SDL component everything is not pointing the direction that you want and instead they’re pointing upward.

Good thing there is a component that will allow you to extract the perpendicular frame that is relative from a curve (or points within the curve) and that is called (Perp Frame). You can use it and then deconstruct it to further have control of directions you want.

What you’ve done is just converting Y-axis vectors to Points. That’s why you’ve got the points around the world origin point.
Have a try Point Oriented.

curva_re.gh (6.8 KB)

Thanks a lot!!!1

But for example, in the next example i attach, how do i do to rotete de curve frames around the own “X” local axis of every plane not in the worl “X” axis?plano_perpendicular.gh (4.2 KB)

Looking for something like this?

plano_perpendicular_re.gh (12.0 KB)

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