.xyz to .fbx conversion

Hi there,
I have a pointcloud file from Matterport in .xyz format. It has 8M points in it. I tried to export it to .fbx after importing it to Rhino and the operation failed. Any idea how I can get it into .fbx format? Reduce the number of points?

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Rhino can take xyz.

I know but the export .fbx plugin failed. Nevermind, I found another software that will do it.

Oh, you’re trying to convert XYZ to FBX using Rhino after cleaning points up. What did you end up using?


Hi Erica - I’m not sure what went wrong with the .fbx output but if you want, you could upload the .xyz file on https://www.rhino3d.com/upload so that a developer could take a look. Make sure to mention this thread if you do.

Ok, thank you. I uploaded it.

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