XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software



Good on you and good luck!
IMO if you can’t afford 100 bucks then you don’t need the software. In other words: Your time schedule isn’t filled up, you have time to spare and can spend the time on modelling the surfaces the old way :slight_smile:

I would recommend also selling it through McNeels Food4Rhino. http://www.food4rhino.com/


I need multiblend! Any update on when it’s coming?
I’ll trade matter and form 3D scanner for it


So… Any news?
Still awaiting for any multiblend plugins…


“Thanks for the information. The Rhino plug-in won’t be available before July”.

This is the answer of my e-mail from the xNurbs support.
So, we still have to wait several months …


I see… well let’s see if my skills improve enough to still need it or not…


Release is July right? Still progressing?
Many are now moving to V6 and it’s about good time for some updates and official statement on the forum.

Is there any VSR tool for Rhino 6?

There’s a lot of wisdom in this post :+1:


Hey XNurbs.
What’s up with your spiffy Rhino plug-in?
Haven’t heard any news from You in a while now…



Sorry for the delay in replying.

We will soon release SolidWorks plug-in V2 and Rhino plug-in V1 (For both plug-ins, the surface quality generated is the same and both are powered by the same kernel, so SolidWorks plug-in V2 == Rhino plug-in V1.)

You may be interested to read the discussion from SolidWorks Forum (https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/216269 ). In fact, our customers comment that ‘xNURBS V1 generates much better results compared with SolidWorks own tools, e.g., Boundary surface etc.’. The same will be true for the Rhino plug-in. V2 includes significant improvements.In the future, we will optimize for quad-sided surfaces. In plain English, we will develop variational tools to replace the corresponding traditional surfacing tools, e.g., variational lofting (Of course, they produce superior results compared with the traditional tools.)


Thanks for the response @XNurbs!
I can’t wait to test your plug-in.

Cheers, Norbert


Great. Looking forward to it.


I read through the linked post. Very interesting. Very intersting. Ping me when XNurbs is available for Rhino.

// Rolf


Will be working on model that would benefit from smooth surfaces this month…
Any chance to try it out say… next week?



We plan to release it around late August or September. Sorry for the delay. (Software development is always behind schedule.)


No prob.
Better late than never!


Ye, I also want to try it…

Wonder how it compares to vsr, which for me almost has everything.


Any betas to try?


Sorry, we need a bit more time to release the plug-in.


Ok. Get back to you in a couple of weeks.

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Ci sono aggiornamenti sul plug-in xnurbs per rhino? Esiste una beta ad oggi…