XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software


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If I post some screenshots of my work, I risk my job. So that is why I’m not doing it. But you may notice how large the class A patches are. All are Beziers not Nurbs,most of them have only 3x3 -7x7 control points only. In order to get a meaningful shape the surfaces are modified in a very small way sometimes under 0.01 mm (!). This works only if you have very few cps. Its actually not that complicated. Its more a time-consuming puzzle to solve. Imagine doing all your shapes with only a few cps involved. That is also why its only done at places where there is a need for it.


No need to risk your job :slight_smile:
I see… hence networksrf and paches seems out of the question.
Also most are 4sided it seems. learning bit by bit.

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Great contact page btw: http://xnurbs.com/contact/

(555) 555-5555
(555) 555-5555
1234 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


“Great contact page btw: http://xnurbs.com/contact/

That is a fake contact page. The correct is http://xnurbs.com/contact-2/

My question is how you could get to that page? There is no link from our website you could navigate to that page.

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You already typed the answer.
Why does one name a contact page “…/contact-2/”? :smiley:

I hope your software is coded more carefully.


Do you know some software can automatically find email addresses of contacts? No one wants to get a ton of advertising emails. I think how we name a webpage has little to do with our software.


If you do make a Rhino plug-in we would be interested in trying it.


You mean like releasing an OS update where one need to only enter root (no password) to gain root access?


Me too, but a Mac version sounds like - slim to none, and Slim left town:sob:


Any news about wether/when a Rhino plug-in will be developed?


Hi norbert_geelen and all,


Sorry for any delay of my response.

We currently plan that, after completing the next release of our XN Kernel, which powers XNurbs software, we would spend a couple of months to complete the plugin development for Rhino. This plugin will have the same capacity as our SolidWorks plugin, but should be 5x – 10x faster than SolidWorks plugin. So it would take a while.

Here is some good news: We just release XNurbs V1.02, which fix all known issues reported (All issues are minor issues.) We are making a Christmas Special of XNurbs software at the price of 95 USD. Even Rhino users can afford the price :wink:


Will it be a version for Rhino 6? I hope your plug-in is compatible with both Rhino 5 and the upcoming Rhino 6.


Also for the Rhino plugin?

// Rolf



If the Rhino plugin were available, we would also have the same special offer.



Ok, so no pre-orders. But then we look forward to a Summer Special. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


@davide76 and @RIL,

It should work for both Rhino 5 and 6. (The development plan is not written in stone, so do not put too much hope on it.)


Waiting for first plugin rebate when it comes out! =)


I hope you make a plug-in that can be tested for some time, so that it is first tested and then, in case, bought with a license …


If you’re writing to get n^2 customers, then include targeting the R5 users. You will then have plenty of time targeting R6. :slight_smile:

// Rolf



The Rhino plugin is quite simple (just like our SolidWorks plugin), so it should be able to support both Rhino 5 and 6.

We just setup our own sale page and will sell directly – when we lower our price, resellers think the margin is too low for them. In other words, we will sell the future Rhino plugin directly.