XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software

Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6mQPnX9P_I&t=48s
If anyone wants to try … I have little time for now …
And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZQ1Hv48x6A

In my daily experience, nothing beats SolidWorks when filleting, so I find it much more effective to do the explorative design and definition in NURBS and simply fillet in SolidWorks in the end. Even in a small industrial design studio situation, you need parametric capabilities to deliver top quality on time and on budget; filleting is not an exciting hobby to be explored with academic leisure.

Every hour you can’t bill the client counts. You want to be at the pub at 5pm after all ; )


Yup… nothing but perhaps Creo. :smiling_imp:

In all seriousness, seems to depend on what specifically one throws at it.

Sometimes, but not often, one will work and the other will crap out. Creo seems to just eat up and work on stuff that your better sense says just should not work. Efficient time saver.

Fusion is improving, but not yet up to Creo/SW. In comparison as a fillet machine, etc., incredible value.

FWIW - none of them can do what Rhino can do as well; in totality that is…not a specific tool, etc. It is a symbiotic relationship, IMO.

So if it is compiled for 6, the modern way McNeel recommends, the plugin will be released for Mac too, right?? Because it is relatively simple, right???

Don’t let me (us) down, please… :pray:

Broken free from Windows as daily driver. Only go there when necessary, and not sure XNurbs fits the criteria to invest. (If I have to do something I don’t necessarily want to do.)

Hi ec2638,

XNurbs is quite simple, but it is powered by XN Kernel, which does not support Mac. So XNurbs will only work for Windows. Sorry.


I upload a model downloading from the “How to make good smoothing?” post in the Forum. The original model is not good. Requirements:
Position Tolerance: 0.001 mm
Curvature Continuity
As shown in Preview.png, an additional point constraint is added. (You can use internal constraints to control the surface shape generated.) “2.igs” is the generated surface.

Patch is a trivial application for XNurbs. If you have models for other applications, please upload them in iges or step format. We can send back the generated models.



2.IGS (228.9 KB)

OUCH! Would have likely thrown it into the toolbox if performed.

We already know how to model and have a deep toolbox, so didn’t necessarily need a ‘Magic X’ button. Still, always nice to pad the bench (sounds interesting) and Rhino needs some modeling love going forward, IMO.

Assumption now is that toiling with Windows not going to be worth it for the ‘Magic X’, when the obstinate desire is to limit Win exposure. Likely find another way at job 1 by the time I do the Mac-Win hoop jump. We’ll see.

Good luck, however. Thanks for the clarity.


PS - Why have I never heard of XN kernell?

That’s a pretty good result considering that the input geometry is crappy and importing into SWX makes bad even worse.

I imagine that your software might do a lot better if the input geometry was of better quality

Here is a file with a little better geometry.
2x.igs (129.3 KB)

Even the Rhino Patch function can be persuaded to make a half way decent surface with better inputs.


Hi ec2638,

XN kernel is a proprietary kernel, and will become available after we announce XNurbs to SolidWorks community. XN kernel only has one functionality: generating NURBS curves/surfaces based on energy-minimization method. No existing software can match its capacity in the field.

Hi Jim and all,

Yes, it does a lot better with your input. Position Tolerance Requirement is 0.001 mm.

“Preview2.png” shows that only four curves are selected. To make it a bit fun, the internal curve (Curve 4) is cut short and leave a gap with other edges. This creates a lofting/sweeping-like surface with curvature continuity. (@jim : Your additional curve is the right constraint one should add.)

Filled2.png shows the Zebra view and Filled2.IGS is the generated surface.

Filled2.IGS (110.6 KB)

3(lightest).IGS is the surface generated from six curves.
3(lightest).IGS (133.1 KB)

Even though the generated surface is much better, some edges from the existing model are bad, and the original designer should fix them before moving forward.

I can see that professional designers are willing to spend time to draw additional curves. If so, XNurbs can definitely create superior results. If you don’t want to show your design to the public, then you can send your models to ‘support@xnurbs.com”. We will send back the surface generated by XNurbs. (Your model should contain the additional curves and points you would like to use.)

That’s really very disappointing…


Apple’s bootcamp is your friend; Apple MacBooks run Windows 10 really well (apart from draining the battery faster than under OS X) and with Paragon HFS+ (Windows 10) one can see/read/write/backup the OS X partition. Just buy another Rhino license for Windows.

No it’s not :slight_smile: I tried that when I bought my first MacBook (2009) and used Rhino only on the Windows side. Bootcamp even made opening OS X slower… and I didn’t like moving between operating systems at all. Now I’m using OS X on my home computer - which in a near (?) future is going to be my main work computer. Until then I still use the windows version daily also… but not for long. Despite working in Windows since 1991 I like the Mac much, much more. There are so many things in Windows 10 that really irritate me on a daily basis, but that’s another story…


Even as a Windows user, I feel the same… --Mitch

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Hehe …
Looks like Windows success might be based on masochism … :smile:

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He, yeah :slight_smile: Or perhaps it’s just that we didn’t have Rhino for OS X. Now that we have a choice, well…
The Mac version isn’t perfect - or even as good as the windows version (yet), but it’s getting there.
Anyway, this is getting a bit OT…



Hi Kevin @XNurbs
I am genuinely very interested in trying out an XNurbs plugin for Rhino.

It looks like it would be very useful for me and I would definitely purchase it if it works for my application.

Two bits of feedback:

  1. Integration with Grasshopper is an absolute requirement for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Since your XNurbs UI looks relatively simple then all that would be required is possibly a single Grasshopper component with a few inputs for control parameters and an output for the XNurbs generated surface.

  2. I would also hope that the price for your XNurbs plugin would be not more that the price for Rhino itself.

Best wishes for your XNurbs development and I really hope we will be able to try out a Rhino plugin from you in the near future.


Yea, feel it too; have run Windows on/along with Macs via every incarnation and means possible over the years (VM, RDC, Bootcamp, Cloud) and have bootcamp’ed laptops, iMacs and Pros, never an issue here worth mentioning. Bootcamp is always on every Mac I get my paws on for keeps. A necessity of this particular stubbornness.

However, current Mac/Win go to rig is a MacPro, 32" 4k, and a Dell mini PC stuck to the back of the monitor. Now I just press a button to switch. ButtonCamp?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Still, the problem is: I just really don’t want to use Windows. Just don’t want to. It’s that simple. Understood by some, silly to others. To each is own.

XNurbs for Mac - no brainer, likely add if even remotely useful. The only way I’m adding ANY Windows only plugin, in future, is if I deem I can’t live without, because I’m itching to get out of Win Rhino as fast as I can, when in there.

Come on @XNurbs - aren’t there cross platform dev platforms you could have chosen to aid this? Isn’t your product principally aimed at designers? Don’t designers (whom have been forced into Windows by circumstance) generally prefer Macs?

Future…Just say’in…I could be wrong.


Don’t know enough about OSX , I liked pre-OSX Macs though …

About plug-ins, yes, non-cross-plaftorm things make little sense to me.


Hi LeoPedersen and ec2638

Why don’t you guys use Windows 7? Few companies would use Windows 10.

XNurbs are targeting MCAD and designers. For designers, since they can draw elegant curves (looking what Jim did, one additional curve enables XNurbs generate much better result.), so designers can use XNurbs to quickly generate masterpiece surfaces.

Windows is actually the only player for CAD systems (more than 95%). If the MAC market is big enough, we can develop a Mac-version of XNurbs.