XNurbs and SubD study

We are looking for an industrial designer for a quick study of “xNURBS VS SubD” - use xNURBS and SubD to model the rear mirror of the Porsche model below. (We could provide a reference model.)

The designer should be an experienced designer and should be good at SubD. It would be very helpful if you already master xNURBS. We will provide all the help you need to complete the study. If you are interested, please send an email to “support at xnurbs.com”. Thank you.

SubD has been around for three decades, and is typically used for non-CAD applications, e.g., organic models. NURBS is the standard for Industry Design and CAD. For industrial surfaces, e.g., the rear mirror above, it may be a bit unfair to compare xNURBS with SubD because SubD generally generates NURBS with dense control points and the SubD surface deviation/quality may not be very good. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this study is to help others to see how to use xNURBS to efficiently design such a model.


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