XFormGeo - C# component really slow when Zoom In camera on website

I was using XForm to move, rotate and scale base geometry. And I noticed that when I upload the Grasshopper script contains XForm Geo, the editing page on ShapeDiver platform was much slower than other scripts. Even though in Grasshopper, the script is not necessarily slow.
And further more, once the model is upload to our company’s website, it is almost impossible to zoom in the the product geometry. This happens in Rhino as well, when I tried to zoom in to the product geometry.

I was wondering why. In my case, I use XForm to make one simple cute into thousands of duplicates by scaling, rotating. Is it related to the zoom in that I transform too many times?
I had another model, also using XForm in the same manner, much fewer times of transformation, then it didn’t have the zoom in problem on the website.
So my question is what’s the reason the camera and loading is so slow even when the computational time is fast. And secondly, if there is a limitation of how many times or how many types of transformation.

Please feel free to share ideas! Thanks.

Since the geometry is instantiated for each transformation in the online viewer, more objects will affect the performance to some extent. This is not linked to transformations but to the number of instantiated objects in the viewer. That being said, it is possible that the way you have defined the attached transformations causes issues, maybe by duplicating the same transformation multiple times in case of list/tree manipulation mistakes. If you could share an example of the problem you are describing (including a minimal grasshopper definition), it would help investigate the issue.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that maybe too many objects can slow down the performance.
And I tried to keep the data tree simple and clean. Please see the screenshot of the script.(Please let me know if this is sufficient to check where is the problem, otherwise I will think about what is possible minimal definition I can share.)

The computational time is quite fast, but the grasshopper script is slow if I want to make changes on the canvas, so does in Rhino if I want to zoom in.

Please have a look, thanks!