Xamarin RhinoCommon Plugin Support



Hi there, I cant find the RhinoCommon Plugin Support in the Xamarin Studio (v6.0 Mac) Gallery.
Has this been removed?

(Steve Baer) #2

Xamarin Studio 6 is brand new. We may have to update and resubmit our project wizards for this. @curtisw do you know if this is the case?

(Curtis Wensley) #3

Yes, we’ll have to re-publish for Xamarin Studio 6. It looks like it is finally out of beta now so I’ll get on that!


@curtisw any news on this? thanks.

(Curtis Wensley) #5

Hey @kleerkoat,

Sorry I didn’t follow up on this thread, but the plugin is now available for Xamarin Studio 6.x. Go to Xamarin Studio > Addins… > Gallery, then install the Debugging > RhinoCommon Plugin Support addin.

Hope this helps!