X/Y lines on objects after 'Orient' component?

The ellipses in my drawing have acquired X/Y lines after being oriented to lie flat for the laser cutter.
I don’t know why, but I really don’t want them.
Any suggestions for deleting them please.
Thanks in advance,
Waffle elipse vertical ring 1.2.gh (27.6 KB)

What lines? Please elaborate further.

In my viewport every elipse in the oriented layout has the rectangular slot in the centre as required, but each one now also has lines going in the X and Y direction from the slot to the edge. Before orienting (in the mobius toroidal shape) they don’t have the lines.
I need to delete these X/Y lines otherwise the laser will quarter all my components!

I just realised the lines only show after I bake the parts>

That sounds like you are baking surfaces (not curves) and what you are seeing are the surface isocurves. For laser cutting you need the surface edges, you can either get them directly via Grasshopper or use DupBorder in Rhino and delete the surfaces.

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Thanks for that.
taking the ‘boundary’ component out has fixed the line problem.