Wrong visualization of sill in a wall from solid

when I create a wall from solid if you insert a window with sill, it isn’t possible to visualize it.
Furthermore if you place a window in a random space it isn’t possible to see the sill until it is inserted into the wall (not from solid).
Thank you

Hi @fn_a window sills are not generated in walls from solids because they need to know the thickness of the host wall in order to be created with the proper dimensions. The same happens when you insert that window unattached from any wall. The sill is not generated.

We could add a default “thickness” value to the sill for these situations, but the geometry may not fit correctly with the outer surface of the solid designed to be a wall.

Thank you @fsalla,
Do you think is it possibile to bypass the problem to get a specific sill component to add at any window separately? Maybe the problem of the host it could be outdated.
Thank you