Wrong texture preview with Edge Softening On

I am investigating current possibilities and limitations of meshing & texturing in the latest Rhino WIP.

Turning on Edge Softening often makes texture mapping in the Rendered mode wrong.

Edge Softening.3dm (3.6 MB)


Also, can we have quality/number of faces option for Edge Softening?
Just 2 faces sometimes are too little to look good - especially on the close-ups.
Rhino can trick this by some blending, but if you tick “faceted” it will reveal how it might look inside some other software.

Oh, I see. You have here objects with custom UV mapping. Adding edge softening means having completely different mesh geometry, so the old custom mapping no longer holds.

I think @Jussi_Aaltonen or @DavidEranen know better if this is supposed to work at all with edge softening and a custom mapping or not.

Thanks for reporting this @Czaja
EdgeSoftening doesn’t work with Advanced texture preview in Rendered mode. You can turn ATP off from settings:

I’ve logged a bug for this: RH-56951

If you want to get good quality softened edges for exporting then I suggest you use FilletEdge.

@Jussi_Aaltonen It helped. Thanks a lot.

Recently I discovered that even QuadRemesh works with custom UV mapping so I really hope that with modifiers such as Edge Softening and Shut Lining it will be no different.

Custom UV mapping ES and SL all serve the same purpose - to achieve high-quality rendering meshes (without breaking your Nurbs model). So it will be a sad thing if those tools can’t cooperate.
Filleting could be all right if you are done with the development, and Edge Softening shouldn’t be compared with that. Filleting is a very precise, tedious and often complicated process and it is just for other, more serious stuff.

I understand that Edge Softening is not very important, but since it is here, it would be cool if we can be more sure that it will work, produce closed meshes and preserve mapping.

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I agree with you @Czaja, they should all work together seamlessly. I logged your request for edge softening quality: RH-56966

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