Wrong material visualized

Hi all, I’m making a short video like I did it many times already (basically I’m making just movements along the 3 axis) but all of the sudden the materials table (linked to a panel and then to the custom preview) is not showing the correct material. Any tip?

P.S. I posted 3 picture that shows exactly which the issue is. Please don’t ask to share the file because expecially this draft is a secret owned of the company where I work that cannot be shared. Moreover is the very first time that I’ve stumbeld in this problem.

Cheers, Antonio

Hmm, tested here and it works :thinking:
My process:
Created 6 TestLayer’s, imported 6 materials from “Metal Satin” library and assigned to 6 TestLayer’s
Materials referenced inside component MaterialTable
Geometry inserted in container, index slider connected


ok thank you @eddi. I fixed anyway, I used a different method. By the way I will return on this issue because it has been the firs time I got this problem.