Wrong color with ScreenCaptureToFile

I am having this issue that when I use the command: “screencapturetofile” it changes the colors of certain objects and background compared to what i see in my viewport
Is this a general bug or is there a setting i messed up :slight_smile: ?
Thanks in advance

i am just wildly guessing that there must be a setting right there when you export it for the background. sorry i cant test it currently since my trial has expired and version 5 rhino looks different.

also curves might look different when you have set the color for print different than your layer color.

i checked my settings and didn’t find any issues
also i had set my print color to layer color. did not make a difference

i did find a workaround though

using viewcapturetofile instead of screencapturetofile i get the correct immage :slight_smile:

i actually have never used screencapture so i actually talked about viewcapture without noticing :slight_smile: nevermind all good then.

Hi Chris -

This looks like a bug, yes. I’ve filed it as RH-58397.