Writing text files using OpenNurbs

I am very new to OpenNurbs and wish to know if a text file can be written using OpenNurbs. I achieved some success with 3DM file… but for my purpose a text file with the list of points on a NURBs curve is necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nitish_Anand,

The openNURBS toolkit does not have have any tools to serialize 3dm files to text files. But if you are just looking to write out some points to a text file, then there are plenty of ways to do this with just C++.

– Dale

If you are using C Sharp this might be a good starting point:

@dale @mnewberg Thanks for your reply.

I was actually looking for ON_NurbsCurve.PointAt() function. Which I found by going around in the forum.

@Nitish_Anand OpenNurbs is just a file import/export library if you want functions like PointAt you need a complete Nurbs kernel. There has been a lot of opensource work on that, but there isn’t really a complete solution. Possibly the best solution would be getting a book on Nurbs and write your own.

Below are some OpenSource nurbs projects, your mileage will vary.