Wrapping lines around egg shapes all the way around and down?

Hi my name is Ben,

And I am trying to Drape the spiral shape’s Down over the egg shape and extend the lines or change the angles if needed. and make the lines stick out 20 mm from the egg once draped over and adjust there angles. Can anyone give any advice? Or forward a tutorial on the tools that can be used to do this type of work. Big thanks have a great day Ben

See this post below and try that on you egg!

Hi Ben- try:

-Make only one spiral curve and ArrayPolar with History to get the other 4. Editing the original will edit all the copies in the array.
-Project these curves, also using History, onto your target surface. Editing the original spiral curve will update the polar array curves and the projected ones.
-Project onto an OffsetSrf, 20 uints of your egg surface to get the ones you want to ‘stick out’ I am not sure I understand that part though.


Big thanks memo and pascal both worked well:):slight_smile:
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