Wrapping an image on a backdrop which contains a curve

I need to model a scenic backdrop which goes straight, curves through 90 degrees, and goes straight again. The proportions of the image must not distort in the wrapping. Can anyone suggest what form of wrapping is best? Flow along srf? Decal? Texture Mapping? My concern here is knowing that the image is being wrapped as if printed on the curving plane, without distortion from image projection, warping, or stretching.

Hello - I’d make a Picture with the image - scale the picture to have the length you want - say 200 in my example. Make your 90 degree curve and make it the same length. Extrude the curve to the depth of the image, then apply the Picture material to the extrusion. Now, Rebuild the extrusion with a lot of points in U - I used 80 - that will maintain the shape and even out the UV s to get rid of distortion.

90Degree.3dm (2.1 MB)


Thanks Pascal. I will try that.