Wrapping a 2D Grid (curves) along a curved surface?

If you can imagine wrapping a paper label around an aluminum can. I’m trying to wrap a 2D grid around an extruded curved surface; the surface curves in one dimension, unlike any complex surfaces, so the 2D pattern should not deform.

You could see in the attached definition that I’ve started aligning the triangular grid at the flat part of the surface, and initially it does project well. However, where the surface curves to 90 degrees from the initial point, it becomes clear that the projection is purely 2D.

I tried to plug in the changing normal vector of the curve, as it turns, into the vector for the projection, but it isn’t working. Any ideas as to how I could achieve this? Thanks!

problem_wrapalongsrf.gh (11.0 KB)

Is this the kind of result you are trying to get?

Yes that’s it! I know it’s such a simple problem but I couldn’t find out how. How did you get that in the definition?

I principally used “Map to Surface”

The TriGrid wanted to have the slider variable as the Y Extent not the X.

I re made your base crv without seams

See the definition below…problem_wrapalongsrf_V2.gh (7.6 KB)