Wrap flower around corner

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to wrap this design around the four sides of my object. When I get to the corner, I can’t wrap that flower. I have tried placing it at 45 degrees and cutting it with the diagonal (again 45 degrees) but I am left with a gaping hole at the corner. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Hi @Voula,

If you have a complete flower that protrudes the edge of the face of the column capital, you can simply construct a 45° cutting plane (in the top view) and trim your flower withi it. Then mirror the trimmed part over to the adjacent capital face, and simply join both flower parts to get the wrapped floral ornament.

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Thank you P1r4t3b0y for your reply.

Yes I have tried this BUT unfortunately the symmetry of the petals is lost. I end up with either smaller or larger petals at the corner and that distorts the symmetry of the flower.
So I trying to figure out how to cut the flower and still have 3 whole petals and two half-petals on either side.
Does that make sense?

Could you upload the file, @Voula?

Here it is! the real issue for me is the deformation of those corner petals.
Very much appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to look at this.

wrap around hte corner.3dm (5.5 MB)

something like this is what you are asking for?

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Yes Diego? how did you do it?

Sorry I have uploaded my updated file here.
On one corner I have rotated the flower so that there are 4 petals on each side and no cutting is required.
But on the other side I have left the petals in their original orientation. If I cut and mirror with the 45 degree plane, my inner petals become deformed. The larger petals are perfectly aligned with the corner and they will split fine. But the smaller inner petal is not aligned and therefore when split it will produce a strange shape.
I really want to understand where is the problem (my stake) and how I can correct it.
Thank you!
carving new flower for central spoke.3dm (4.5 MB)

Ok, I think I figured it out: it’s the positioning of the flower that makes the difference.
The cutting plane is the diagonal.
But flower that is “flat” as in position (1) will not be cut in a way that creates symmetry with both petals. While flower in position (2) that is an angle, results in symmetry.

Thank you every one!

Hmm…cuts well, but leaves me with a gap!
How can I fix this?