Wrap a Base Ball with Wood Veneer

Wondering if there is a way to figure out or a routine that findsSample Surface.3dm (860.2 KB) the shapes that would be cut from a flat material(veneer) into a shape that could wrap an object like a baseball. I work with wood veneer and have a project that has multiple curved nurb surfaces in wall panels. I think the shapes of the individual leaves of veneer need to be cut into shapes like hour glasses, in order for them to be applied. I would need those shapes then flatten or unrolled correctly so we can cut them on a laser. I’m not sure if the extracted isocurves could work for us in that way.

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What i understand, you should do like this way if i misunderstood, skip it.

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one faster method :slight_smile:

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I suspect that wood veneer won’t distort that much without blowing apart. He might need darts/slits, or more separate pieces to keep the veneer from splitting apart.

I’m not at my Rhino machine right now, so can’t check this out:

I’m under the impression that Rhino has an option to make a sphere from two surfaces just like the covering of a baseball. Can anyone confirm or tell me if the weekend didn’t come soon enough for me?

Or did I fail to realize that “TestBaseball” is the command I’m trying to describe and not just what you decided to label your starting object, @Gijs ?

it is

Remember, the object is like a baseball, as part of a panel, not a baseball… Ball-based solutions may not work. @revans, could you post an example of the actual geometry if that’s the case?